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If you are looking for a catalyst that can widen your doors of opportunity, propel you to successful action, and help you achieve greatness, perhaps Bridge to Strength can help you find it. I have spent many years studying scores of successful men and women, and here I aim to bring forth a vast compilation of their top success philosophies. Many of these creeds were derived from my in-depth study of industrial magnates, such as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison. Others were derived from accomplished sports coaches, such as Adolf Rupp, John Wooden, and Mike Krzyzewski. And, quite a sum of powerful success systems was distilled from personal mentors, role models, and colleagues I have personally known, interacted with, and greatly learned from.

The aim of this site is also to bring forth an array of success techniques that I have found to be most effective across my multi-year career as an engineer and manager at leading manufacturing facilities. My corporate career has given me practically unlimited opportunities to observe how successful individuals and teams think, overcome obstacles, and develop solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. This is first-hand experience I bring to Bridge to Strength, experience which can save you years of wasted effort.

The achievement of personal mastery requires both a fit body and a sound mind. This is because the mind and the body are intertwined and non-separable. Thus, if either is neglected, the other will inevitably be held back. Herein lies the secret to establishing total harmony in your life—develop both your mind and your body as one spiritual and physical unit. This principle is the centerpiece of the Bridge-to-Strength philosophy, and for this reason this website has a strong base from the martial arts and the Zen way of being.

It is my hope that you will visit Bridge to Strength often, profit from its teachings, and fulfill your dreams. You have the power within you to start a new direction in life, pave your way to riches and happiness, and help a lot of people in the process.

By the way, personal success can never be achieved without first helping others become more successful. Make it a habit to provide top service to as many people as you can, and you will never have to worry about your future. Thanks for visiting, and good luck with your chosen endeavors.

Robert Drucker

Robert Drucker

Founder and Editor,