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20 Secrets of Success


Throughout history, many people have laid claim to the “secret” of success. Below, I share with you 20 such revelations of the many that I have heard over the years. Some of these “secrets” were stated by men and women of great prominence; others were uttered by less celebrated individuals, but equally wise. In any case, what matters is not the names behind the sayings, but the wisdom brought forth by them. Pondering the success “secrets” of master achievers is a terrific mental exercise for developing a winning mindset. And, doing so will help you discover your own “secret” of success. Once you make this vital discovery, you will then have complete control over your own fate.

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Thomas Edison, John Burroughs, and Henry Ford.

Three titans of success: Thomas Edison, John Burroughs, and Henry Ford.

The Secret to Success Is…

  1. The secret of success in business is doing common things uncommonly well.
  2. The grand secret of success is that successful people take on hundred times the trouble than other people do.
  3. The secret of success is sticking to it.
  4. The secret of success is not only to do it, but do it successfully.
  5. Keeping fit is the secret of success.
  6. Attention to detail is the secret of success in every sphere of life.
  7. The secret of success isn’t so much in knowing how to make money as in the ability to hang onto it.
  8. The secret of success is not a secret. Nor is it something new. Nor is it something hard to secure. To become more successful, become more efficient and do little things better.
  9. The faculty of keeping friends is the secret of success.
  10. The great secret of success in life is to be ready when opportunity comes.
  11. The secret of success is the love of the business; without it the incessant drudgery and persistent labor destroy all ambition.
  12. The great secret of success, true success, is to get away from the butterfly pursuits of life and devote yourself to doing good to those around you.
  13. The secret of success is to be the fellow your wife [or husband] could have married if it hadn’t been you.
  14. Specialization is the secret of success in every field of endeavor.
  15. The secret of success is this: Cooperate.
  16. The secret of success is constancy of purpose.
  17. There has been altogether too much talk about the secret of success. Success has no secret. Her voice is forever ringing through the market place and crying in the wilderness, and the burden of her cry is one word — will. Any normal young man [person] who hears and heeds that cry is equipped fully to climb to the very heights of life.
  18. The secret of success is a simple matter of honest work, ability and concentration. There is no question about there being room at the top for exceptional men [or women] in any profession. Your problem is how to get there. The answer is simple: Conduct business with just a little more ability than the average man [or woman] in your line. If you are only above the average man [or woman] your success is secured, and the degree of success is the ratio to the greater degree of ability and attention which you give above the average.
  19. The secret of success is in oneself, not in ‘pulls’, outside influence, or capital. This is one of the reasons that the poor young man and young woman who find themselves utterly dependent upon their own effort are largely the ones who win out in life, because their very lacks drive them into themselves as their only chance.
  20. The secret of success is to always consider that the boss is right, even when he is wrong.