Bridge to Strength

A Gateway to Self-Mastery

From the Bridge to Strength Dictionary


(1) the first requisite of success; (2) overcoming fear, negative opinion, or discouragement; (3) making things happen rather than waiting for things to happen; (4) opening the door to freedom, advancement, and self-fulfillment; (5) the commencement of “good luck”.


(1) the number one cause of human failure; (2) forever lost opportunity; (3) an insidious path of self-destruction; (4) a bad habit that robs the soul of vital energy; (5) time thrown down the drain; (6) the act of succumbing to one’s fears; (7) a leading cause of regret, despondency, self-doubt, and despair.


(1) the second requisite of success; (2) a continual search to find or invent a better way to get a job done; (3) ongoing ambition to surpass where you have been; (4) learning from your mistakes and progressing ahead; (5) enjoying the process rather than merely seeking a means to an end; (6) doing what you love to do.